Nutrition Consultation Service for Adults

Update: 5/9/2012 - View: 13758

Currently, the rate of obesity and nutrition related non-communicable chronic diseases are on the rise in Vietnam, especially in big cities. One of the main causes is the diet of the Vietnamese, which has been improved in quantity but not in quality. The unbalanced diet has led to improper nutrition and the prevalence of non communicable chronic diseases.

Deriving from the actual needs of the population to get good advices on nutrition from the experts to minimize negative impacts of improper nutrition, to practice the most optimal diets for a better health, happier families and improved living standards, the Nutrition Consultation Service for Adults has been established and operating  


The center provides following services:

1. Nutrition consultation For patients with nutrition related non-communicable chronic diseases, such as obesity, chronic energy deficiency, diabetes, osteoporosis, gout, blood lipid disorder, hypertension...

  • Imaging diagnosis using DEXA machine – measuring fat mass, lean mass, bone mineral density this is a modern method with high accuracy to diagnose overweight, obesity, osteoporosis …
  • Blood test: full blood count, blood glucose, blood lipid
  • Urinary test: glucose, protein, urea....
  • Stool test: feces particles, parasites, fungus, bacteria…

2. Development of diets for individuals:  including nutrition assessment, provision of proper nutrition therapy, guidance on proper nutrition practices and physical exercise, provision of nutrition care and rehabilitation services, and outpatient follow-up.

3. Provision of nutrition products and publications appropriate to different diseases.

Working time:

All working days from Monday to Friday.


National Institute of Nutrition

2 Yersin, Hanoi

Tel: 04-3971 9006

Head: Dr Pham Van Thuy