Research History at National Institute of Nutrition

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Period 1980-1985


State level Research Project 64-02 "Improving Vietnamese's meal"


Country wide data on food consumption and food habits

Country wide data on malnutrition among children


Food supplementation (WFP 2651 Project) &

Promotion of Home gardening, Fish culture and Animal Husbandry (VAC)

Period 1985-1990


State level Research Project 64D titled "Study on some selected measures to improve the nutritional status of mothers and children in Vietnam"


Country wide data on Vitamin A deficiency and xerophthalmia and testing effective of Vitamin A supplementation

Data on anemia prevalence among pregnant women, vitamin B1 deficiency


Establish National Program for control of vitamin A deficiency, iron deficiency & WFP Food supplementation for strengthening of health and nutrition care for mothers and children (WFP/3844)

Period 1990-1995


Research project on different approach to improve nutrition status, household food security, micronutrients and nutrition policy


Universal distribution of vitamin A capsule (1993) to children 6-36 months.

Distribution of iron tables in selected provinces/localities.

Improving household food security and vitamin A intake (FAO project)

Development of National Plan of Action for Nutrition (NPAN) ratified by PM 16/09/1995

Period 1995-2000


Research project "Study on Relevant Strategic measures for comprehensive improvement of Food Hygiene ,Food Safety and Nutritional Status of people"


Implementation of National Plan of Action for Nutrition 1995-2000

Building capacity: training MSc in nutrition.

Establish nutrition department at some universities.

Launch the Government PEM Control Program (implemented by CPCC).

Launch Nutrition Education Information Centre

Period 2000-2005


State level research project on "Study on high risk factors of nutrition and food safety status in the new condition and relevant solution".

Finding: New nutrition perspectives

Overweight and Obesity are increasing significantly in different groups of population.

New nutrition emerging problem in Viet Nam.


National PEM Control Program

Government ratified the National Nutrition Strategy 2001-2010.

For fortification approach: Fish sauce fortification with Iron; Fortification of complementary  food.

Education program: For behavior change.

Strengthening the Food and Nutrition Laboratories at NIN.


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