The awards ceremony the medal to Associate Professor SUMIMURA Yoshinori for his contributions to the health sector in Vietnam

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15th  May 2013: Health Minister signed Decision No. 1676/QD-BYT, awarded a medal "For People's Health" for  Associate Professor Sumimura Yoshinori, Japanese nationality, is currently working at the Global Collaboration Center, Osaka University, Japan, for his contributions to the development of Vietnam's health sector.

Today, 26th September 2013, in Hanoi-Vietnam, MOH and NIN organize the Awarding ceremony of the memorabilia “For People's Health” to Dr. SUMIMURA YOSHINORI, Center of Global Collaboration - OSAKA University – JAPAN.

Associate Professor SUMIMURA Yoshinori was born in 1967 in province Hiroshima, Japan. Currently, he works at the Global Cooperation Center, Osaka University and is also a lecturer at the University of Human Sciences, University of Language and culture, media design center, Center for International Biotechnology, Osaka University. He received PhD degree in human sciences at the University of Osaka in 2000 and MA degree in Culture and Science at the Open University in Japan.

Since 2005, as a lecturer at the Osaka University, with a deep understanding of country and people in Vietnam, the issue of security and food safety, associate professor SUMIMURA Yoshinory has great contribution for the food sciences, health nutrition sector in Vietnam through cooperation activities with NIN other concerned organizations.

Associate Professor SUMIMURA Yoshinory cooperated with officers of nutrition and food industry in Vietnam to study and publish dozens of international articles. These are important reference materials for later researches and open up opportunities for Vietnam’s scientists to cooperate and share experiences to the scientists in the world.

Associate Professor SUMIMURA is also the translator of many researches to introduce the achievements and policies in Vietnam’s nutrition and food industry to scientists of Japan and in the world. These include the following articles as Vietnam nutrition policy of Prof. Tu Giay and Nutrition in Vietnam to 2020, Achievements and Challenges of Prof. Ha Huy Khoi, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Cong Khan and many other researches.

In addition to articles published internationally, Dr. SUMIMURA Yoshinory also has helped to find funding sources, and directly collaborated with Vietnamese colleague in implementing 16 health, nutrition, food researches in Vietnam.

Dr. SUMIMURA has also helped Vietnam in institution building. He himself has trained Ph.D students, found scholarships and developed food safety training curriculum for both short technical course and long course in Japan University.

"The contributions of Dr. SUMIMURA for health, nutrition, food sciences sector in Vietnam is great, continuous and effective", Prof. Le Thi Hop, Director of Vietnam National Institute of Nutrition said.

Here are some pictures of the award ceremony: