Waking a Sleepy Newborn

Update: 5/9/2012 - View: 25908
( Alive & Thrive) If your newborn sleeps longer than three hours at a stretch, but

 •  You had no birth medications

 •  Your baby stays in physical contact with you

 •  He feeds well when he feeds

 •  His diapers are on track (see the Early Days Diaper Log)

that’s probably just who he is. Keep an eye on his poopy diapers and his weight. 
      If he’s not gaining well and he sleeps more than three hours at a stretch, aim for at least ten nursings each day until he wakes on his own and has at least four good poopy diapers each day.
      It will be easier to wake him to feed if you see some of the feeding cues listed on the next tear sheet. If he’s sleeping and you try to lift his arm and it drops like a rock when you let it go, he’ll be hard to wake. Try again in twenty minutes. Things to try:

 •  Dim the lights, pull the drapes. It’s easier if he doesn’t have to squint.

 •  Undress him partially or completely. Put him on your chest.

 •  Stroke him and call his name. Rub his feet.

 •  Lay him down and roll him gently from all the way on one side to all the way on his other side.

 •  Hold him along your forearms, head in your hands, feet at your elbows, and lift him from nearly horizontal to nearly vertical and back, as you talk to him.

 •  Wipe his face with a damp cloth.

 •  Put a little colostrum or milk in his  mouth— just a bit, waiting for him to swallow before adding more. 
He might latch and nurse in his sleep in a  laid- back breastfeeding position, or he might take sips from a spoon. Feed him in whatever way works for you.
Source: http://www.llli.org/docs/0000000000000001WAB/WAB_Tear_sheet_Toolkit/03_waking_a_sleepy_newborn.pdf