Introduction of Food and Nutrition Training Center

Update: 4/25/2012 - View: 10072

On June 7, 2002, The Minister of Health signed Decision 2193/QĐ-BYT to found the “Food and Nutrition Training Center” belonging to the National Institute of Nutrition

The training center has following roles:

1. Provision of refresher training and continued training for those who need to be trained in nutrition and food safety control.
2. Provision of updated training on techniques and research methods on nutrition and food safety control.
3. Participation in undergraduate training and post-graduate training on nutrition and food safety control defined by the Government’s laws.
4. Cooperation in training on food and nutrition training with other domestic and international universities, institutes and agencies in the framework of the NIN.


Permanent staff: the training center has 7 staffs of which 3 are PhD, 3 are M.Sc. and one bachelor. The center has one director and 2 vice directors.

Trainer team: beside its staffs, the center has recruited a training team from NIN, including 4 Assoc. Professors, 18 PhD, and 20 M.Sc. In addition, the center has a training network with other trainers from Medical universities, hospitals and relevant institutes. 

Training facilities:
The center has a national standard lecture hall for training and PhD thesis defense with necessary equipments (Computers, LCD, TV, DVD player, screen, audio system, board, tables and chairs)

Besides, the center also sends students to the Food lab of NIN for Food safety control courses and Clinical nutrition department of NIN, counseling center of NIN and nutrition department of Bach Mai hospital, 19/8 hospital, 103 hospital to practice in Nutrition and dietary therapy courses.