Training courses

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  1. PhD in community nutrition: Since 2005, the Food and Nutrition Training center has recruited 7 batches with 34 PhD candidates. Annually, the center starts the recruitment process on January 5th to prepare for a completion of necessary entrance requirements.
  2. Master in community nutrition: in cooperation with Hanoi Medical University since 1994 the center has trained 13 batches with 48 masters in community nutrition, who came from provincial health services, agriculture and food sectors and international organizations…
  3. Training of technicians on dietary therapy and food safety control: since 1997 in collaboration with Hai Duong Medical Technical School to recruit and train these 2 types of technician.
  4. Training of bachelors in public health with community nutrition orientation: since 2008 in collaboration with Hanoi school of public health
  5. Short courses with certificates (1 week, 3 weeks, 3 months): these courses are applied for staff who have been working on community nutrition and lecturers in nutrition in medical and nursing universities, colleges and secondary schools nation-wide.
  6. Training and refresher training for staff in nutrition network: NIN has organized or cooperated with regional institutes, universities, colleges and secondary schools training courses on community nutrition, regular food analysis techniques for health workers at different levels and sectors within the framework of the National Nutrition Strategy, Malnutrition Control Program and other supporting projects.
  7. In collaboration with medical universities, colleges, schools and related sectors in the country for academic training in order to develop a nutrition training network, including post-graduate training in Hochiminh Medical and pharmaceutical university, Can Tho university, Hue university…, establishment and development of nutrition department in Hochiminh Medical and pharmaceutical university, Can Tho university, Hue university, Tay Nguyen university, and in other line universities such as Agriculture, Poly-technique, Construction, establishment and development of nutrition and food safety department in Hai Duong Medical Technical School
  8. In collaboration with international institutes and universities such as the Netherlands, Australia, America… for intern students in Vietnam.

    Information on PhD training
  1. Specialization: Nutrition
  2. Type of training: in-service, 3 years
  3. Qualification for entrance:
    - Certificates and publication: Candidates should hold a master degree specialized in related fields and has published at least one article related to the proposed research in qualified scientific journals before application. Those who have master degree in non-relevant field should publish at least 2 articles in scientific journals before application.

    Candidates who have master degree not in community nutrition should acquire 3 specialized credits of the Master course in community nutrition, including

+ Food sciences and food safety control.

+ Nutrition assessment and nutrition intervention planning

+ Nutrition education and communication.

- Working experiences: Candidates should have at least 2 years working in the field of nutrition (since the official graduation of Master to the date of application). In case of excellent graduators of Master course, there is an exemption by the Ministry of Education and Training for immediate transferring to PhD training.